TL-WR940N v6 (RU): Error code 18005

What happens if I flash this
on top of this
via Tftp?

@opfan94, if your original issue regarding error code 18005 is fixed, please consider editing the title and appending "[SOLVED]" to the beginning.


  • That's the same file...nothing noticeable will be observed.
  • Also, if you already flashed the OpenWrt file, you no longer need TFTP, you can use the LuCI web GUI in OpenWrt.

but it (squashfs-factory.bin) is for flashing the native firmware tplink, not openwrt!

This means you have not yet flashed OpenWrt!

  • If you have installed OpenWrt already, use the sysupgrade file.
  • If you use TFTP, you must use factory.

Once you flash OpenWrt, you should be able to use sysupgrade and the OpenWrt LuCI web GUI. The tp-link firmware will be gone.

can I flash tftp through the WAN port?

I can update the openwrt firmware via tftp? (squashfs-factory.bin on squashfs-factory.bin)

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