TL-WR841ND bricked?

Hello, I got a TP-Link TL-WR841ND V7.2. It was working very well with Openwrt 15 if I'm corret. I just tryed to upgrade inside Luci and I think I got it brincked (guess).

The power led starts, after that ethernet "port 1" blinks a bit. Finally all light turn on and the process restart. I've tryed over and over, but can't enter failsafe mode.

Really need help. I can't even listen from tcpdump. is the first thing to try, if that doesn't work…

If you're lucky (although the device page only seems to grant that luck to v8 or higher), tftp push-button recovery might be an option, otherwise you'll need serial console access.

I'm trying to get it work with the respective link, however, I can't enter failsafe mode.
Will serial be the only way?

If you can neither get failsafe, nor push-button tftp recovery to work, yes - but keep in mind the total value of your device (<20 EUR new/ delivered, it's hard to justify a fiver (local/ quick delivery) for a 3.3V USB2serial adapter for such a device, which doesn't come with a success warranty either and might involve rather tricky soldering (TP-Link likes to cut the rx traces, requiring you to add a SMD bridge/ zero-ohm resistor)).

You do have a point. I found a Profilic in the drawer and decided to give it a try. I was avoiding serial connection, but it was surprisingly easy. Thank you.

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