TL‑Wr841n wds mode not reachable out of its own wifi

Hi everyone,

I'm a new user of Openwrt from Italy. Just installed it a few weeks ago on a spare TL‑WR841N by tp link, out of curiosity.

After installing openwrt, I have set up the TL‑Wr841n in WDS mode, so disabled DHCP, set fixed ip ( in the same address range of the gateway, also configured gateway ip ( and dns forwarding to the gateway through Luci. Also I have disabled firewall service.

The openwrt device connects to the gateway, a Mikrotik, and to the internet. Clients connected to the openwrt WDS AP wifi correctly obtain an ip from the gateway DHCP and can connect to the internet.
Also in my network I have two other dumb APs ( and. 3) with stock asus firmware, both connected via cable to the gateway, also a Ubiquiti outdoor access point ( and another wds access point (this one with stock tp link firmware) connected to the dumb AP wifi ( It all works pretty flawlessly I have to say.

Here's the issue though. When I am connected to the openwrt wifi, I can access Luci and configuration page at Also I can reach other clients connected to the openwrt wifi and all other clients on the network, even if connected to the gateway or to other APs.

But when I connect to another wifi, or use cable connection to the mikrotik gateway, in no way I can reach either the openwrt AP or its clients. I cannot ping, I cannot ssh. If I try a network scan, the ip of Openwrt wds AP and of its clients are not listed.

What I noticed is that if I ping the openwrt at through the mikrotik gateway (which has a in built ping function), it works. I can also ping its clients. Also in the dhcp table of the mikrotik I can see IPs of the clients connected to openwrt AP wifi.

It seems like the mikrotik is sort of "blocking" local traffic to the openwrt wds AP. But internet is working fine.

I don't know what else to check, and I am seriously thinking to go back to stock. I need to access clients connected to the openwrt AP for remote configurations from time to time, this is preventing me from being able to do it.

Any help is greatly appreciated