TL-WR841N v14 Im looking on how to copy its flash memory

I recently bought a new windbond flash memory with 8mb to upgrade the 4mb flash that it has whoever i dont know how to read that chip data.
The router is the TL-WR841N V14 please tell me how to read the chip flash data. Thank you very much Openwrt is awesome.
If you need a picture of the chip please tell me.

I think that you can flash it using unbrick procedures.

If you are very good at soldering you can try that.

But will be easier if you buy a flash programmer with a gripper probe like those with ch341/cp2102, but not sure if those are recommend ones for this process, or if it actually requieres an ftdi (you should dig deeper on this).

Nope, push-button tftp recovery depends on a functional bootloader being present on the flash, which won't be there on the new/ empty one. Flashing this externally is mandatory.

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Thats why i wanna copy the contents from the flash memory at the time im typing this its late and dark i will send a high quality picture of it so i can get instructions tomorrow.

Alright heres its standard flash memory tell me how to copy its memory so i can flash it on the new chip. (Using DropBox Because the file is too big for the forum)

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I changed my mind. I have to do some research before changing the chip.