TL-WR841N v13 WiFi not stable?



Drivers updated yesterday.
Uploading a new build now...



Will try again new driver. 20190301 version still disconects clients...

Question: How can I install stock fw again? Tried to install with tftp TL-WR841Nv13_ES_0.9.1_4.16_up_boot[180524-rel55361].bin which shouold be right version but V13 blinks all leds in a endless loop. Installing OpenWRT with tftp again works...
Any idea?



Revert to stock:

Flash with tftp, rename to tp_recovery.bin .



Yes this version works! Thanks a lot!

One more question: I always compile my own OpenWRT Version with iptraf, password enabled etc.
in case of a reset I will not loose everything.
I guess you copy driver stuff in some place to compile. Were can I get the newest driver version and were should I put it to compile by myself, my openwrt version?



See post #121



Hello everyone, I installed the latest compilation on 03/17/2019. The wifi seems to be stable, I did not have disconnections nor wait times exhausted when loading a web page. I'm using it as a router. The driver has improved a lot since the last time I tried it a few months ago. I think that I will no longer install the stock firmware, also in stock tplink firmware, the wifi network disappeared after a few hours or until completing 1 day.

What I do miss and I am trying to configure is to limit the bandwidth to the wifi network of guests, using multi SSID for my main network and the guest network with OpenWrt in this 840n v4.

The new compilations are appreciated.



There was an update in Openwrt and drivers this day and i consider important...

New build uploaded.