TL-WR841N(D) means what?


i am very new about openwrt
are dd-wrt and openwrt same?

i have second modem TL-WR841N not ND
in download section there is TL-WR41N(D). this means The firmware both for N and ND models?

thank you:)

ddwrt and OpenWrt are not the same.

The D in a TP-Link model number means detachable antennas (RP-SMA connectors on the back of the router as opposed to permanently attached antennas). Otherwise the hardware is the same and you use the same firmware.

But in the WR841 series there are many different "versions" (WR841NDv8 etc) and you must match the version number. The different versions usually have a completely different chipset inside.

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thank you for your respons

the pisture is my modem label
could you help me which firmware i have to upload to modem?


Doesnt look promising . No v9 that i can find[Brand*~]=Tp

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is this ok?

Device Type:
WiFi Router

also fcc id TE7/WR841NXV9 matchs
could you check this out for me pls?

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thank you very much h8red
just i go inside the modem and upgrade firmware to this bin file right?

Yes a factory file is intended to be submitted to the "upgrade" web page when running the original TP-Link firmware.

There is also the 17.01.6 build in the ar71xx/generic section under 17.01.6. This build has an older kernel thus a slightly smaller RAM usage.

Either way there is not much flash space in this model, though if you work on hardware the chip can be replaced.

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