TL-WR841N as range extender

Hi can someone point me to a tutorial to correctly setup my openwrt based router?

I want to use my TL-WR841N as a Range extender that also provides connectivity through the lan ports too. So, for my case i have a wifi network named "NetworkA" which is my adsl router and has a few wired and wireless devices connected on it. And i want to use my TL-WR841N as a wifi range extender on different room, on which wireless and wired devices will connect to (that will be able to see the devices connected on "NetworkA").

I have tried to configure my TL-WR841N with openwrt but i had some issues in the past:
I did manage to repeat the wifi signal and provide internet access however devices connected to the TL-WR841N through wire (and probably the ones connected through wifi too) would have full internet access (having my TL-WR841N as gateway) but they would only see the TL-WR841N part of my network and not the devices connected to my "NetworkA" (lan or wifi). I experimented with my gateway and bridging settings, vlan, relayd, etc with no success.

So, is there a complete tutorial setting up openwrt in order to support Wireless Range Extension with full wireless / lan connectivity?

Thank you all

This is one option:

Thank you i think that will do!

The all in one DSL modem router wifi boxes aren't very good at routing or wifi. It is best to use these only as modems and run your own router.

Once you have an OpenWrt main router then you can set up a WDS link to the extender, which unlike relayd gives you a truly bridged LAN.

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Thank you it works! That link clearly specifies the problem i had! However opewrt does not look so stable in my network. It has "crashed" two times already!

More problems!!! i dont know why but the wifi stops working (the "2nd" one). For no reason repeating stops, while connection to the original network continues to work (lan devices have network access). Has anyone experienced something similar?

You didn't even specify the exact version of your 841N, nor the OpenWrt version you flashed on the 841N...

Anything useful in the logs?

Ok so it is a TL-WR841N v13 and I have tried 18.06.0-rc1/targets/ramips/mt76x8/ and openwrt-ramips-mt76x8-tl-wr841n-v13-squashfs. The first one looks more stable so far (currently testig it)

Anything useful in the logs?

I haven't read the logs thoroughly yet. It seems to be working ok for the past 14hours! If it fails again i will check out the logs in detail.

Compared to similar spec'd routers AIO do OK. But agree sharing the workload over two devices can improve performance