TL-WR841N 16MB flash upgrade

I have a router tplink 841n with openwrt installed. I do not have enough memory, I bought a flash drive for 16 megabytes. I have a programmer. How do I edit the volume of a flash drive?

Not only do you not have enough flash memory, you don't have enough RAM memory to run much more than basic functions. The USB stick can help with the first, but there is no reasonable "cure" for the second.

Usability issues

Insufficient RAM for stable operation

  • 32 MB can work for minimal router/AP functions, but may repeatedly “crash”, depending on your hardware and use case

Suitable replacements with at least 16 MB of flash and at least 128 MB of RAM start at around US$20.

OpenWrt will not be producing images for "4/32" devices after this release. 32 MB of RAM will continue to be a problem.

If you want to try to keep the 841N alive, there are two approaches. The first is building your own images

The second is "extroot" using that stick

You mean a SPI-NOR-Flash chip with 16 MB as replacement for the 4 MB flash chip?

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