TL-WR840N v6.20 OpenWrt Support

Hello everyone, i just bought this router WR840N which turned out to be v6.20 and not v5 as the seller told me, i was planning to download the sysupgrade bin file for the v5 and install it but turned out to be v6.20.
I have tried a sysupgrade bin file for v6 uploaded on this forum, but the device rejected it, giving an error on the web ui upgrade page.
Any thoughts on what to do to get openwrt running on this bad boy?

Edit: should i try to use TFTP to install the v6 file on my v6.20?

Generally you shouldn't try to flash a device with a firmware intended for a different model, unless you are sure that it's good for it. Even when hardware specs are the same but flash layout is different, that could cause trouble.

It's of course less risky when you try to do it via the GUI, as often the existing firmware will usually reject it. But as you move to more "lower level" methods, the risk of bricking your router.

I don't know if V5 firmware would work on your V6.2 or not, but even if it does, with the limited flash and memory, it doesn't sound like a promising router for OpenWrt, and I don't imagine it will get further updates.

That could be a reason to return it and get a more suitable router.

Especially since you should expect that a device with 4 MB of flash will be completely unsupportable and nearly unusable.

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I meant the seller should accept the return, since the router turned out to be different than what he said. applies.

Good advice: Don't waste your time with this underspeced device. Get a device with sufficient flash + RAM instead.

It was the only router i found in local shops that is within my budget + supports OpenWrt
There is the Archer c2 or c20 not sure which costs 1000 EGP, way out of my budget.
so i guess im stuck with this one

You can get an idea of available routers in my country from this list which is filtered according my budget, if anyone can recommend me one.

You can search yourself:

You can further filter this list according to your needs.

@Mos Check your inbox

I just thought that if wr840n v6 is supported, it wont be that hard to get openwrt on v6.20 running too

As in the list that @tmomas mentioned, the current minimum for supported devices is 8 MB of FLA, 64 MB of RAM. (or more if budget allows).

WR840n has only 4 MB of FLA, which doesn't even allow the installation of GUI, let alone the limited support .

When you are considering a device, check it's page on OpenWrt wiki to see if flashing is easy. Most devices can be flashed from the Web interface, but some require serial or JTAG connection (which requires additional hardware and some electronic knowledge), so take that into consideration.

v6 isn't supported:[Model*~]=840n

oh yeah, forgot to mention that it wasnt officially supported, but a user here built openwrt for v6 and got it running.
gonna reach out to him and see.

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