TL-WR840N v4: Wireless Turns off by itself?

I am currently using this as my router:
running OpenWRT 19.07.
. Every time I use my WI-Fi for an extended period of time the wireless always shuts off by itself. It usually comes back after a while but I've seriously had enough, I've reached my breaking point hence this post. I stay in a university dorm so there is a chance of interference but is there any way I can fix this? I might have to revert to my original firmware if this keeps happening, cause there is no point in

me having OpenWRT if I cant use the damn thing. I've attached my wireless settings. Any useful input is well appreciated :pray:t3:

Use channel 1 instead of auto?

I used to use channel 11 then 6 before I decided to stick to auto and the same issue used to happen. I don't think changing to 1 would help in this case.

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