TL-WR840N losing settings after reboot (16MB flash mod)

hi there :slight_smile:
I have 840n v5 router
before you tell me that it has only 4mb flash storage I would like to tell you that copped the eeprom and flashed the image on 25Q128BVFG so right now I have so much free space
but even with this it keep lossing settings after reboot
so what should I do ??
I can buy an other one with bigger storage but I like to solve problems with your kind help :slight_smile:

Can you post the output of

df -h


Ignoring tmpfs that looks less than 4MB of combined storage.

Did you remap the new 16MB flash device or simply copy the 4MB device.

It seems you simply copied and you have the remaining 12MB not been used.


i'm still trying ... now I can boot into luci and using it and installing what ever i want but nothing will stay after reboot the device

i'm ready to try any suggestions :slight_smile:

sorry I forget to answer your question ... I just copied the eeprom
I don't know how to remap it
could you help me with it ?

See this topic

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I'm pretty new for this ... is there any guide to start from scratch ?
and it seems to need Linux system ? I'm right ?

Yep, you need a linux environment, edit source code & compile from source.