TL-WR743ND ver.2.1 - is it possible make 2 WAN ports?

Hello there!

Please, can You help - I have device TL-WR743ND ver.2.1 and use
LEDE Reboot 17.01-SNAPSHOT r3409-22478bf473

Is it possible (if so, how to transform) this device for dual WAN port usage)?
For example, use one from LAN port as WAN (for second ISP)

Thank You very much for answer!

Short answer: yes

Slightly longer answer:

  • you need to re-configure one of the LAN ports to be in a separate VLAN from your LAN ; usually eth0 is the interface for all switch ports ; you probably have interface eth0.1 ; you can probably use VLAN 2 ; so, create eth0.2 for the 2nd WAN ;
    You can use swconfig to work with VLANs, but you will need to save VLAN configs in /etc/config/network
  • after you do this, you will need to update your routing table and firewall rules to use the new port/interface ; this is a bit tricky and there is no general solution ; I think someone else may need to give you a better idea here [since I don't know routing too well] ; but you can probably use OpenWrt's firewall settings, or iptables or ip commands and try to make your settings permanent somehow

You probably want to have a look into setting up mwan3.