TL-WR740N Ver:4.27 was probably bricked

Hello, I have some troubles with installing firmware on it. Yesterday I tried to comeback to factory fw and made some bugs probably in console commands or maybe choose wrong image file ( I'l attach some screenshots of my steps with killing a router).
Now router is starting to twinkle with all the lights together if just to push power button. But if you push the pwrbtn and reset button together (for a few seconds) it will start TFTPD and will be waiting for a firmware from host But all firmwares I tried to upload - caused a reboot and just twinkling... So, is it real for this brick to be repaired? Thank you.

This file contains the name of Openwrt release

Where from do you have the "247"?
Could this be a typo of 257?

# dd if='wr740nv4.bin' of='wr740nv4_withoutboot.bin' skip=257 bs=512

Thank you for your tip, but there is the same behavior after flashing through tftp with this file. I will try to cut other firmwares for my router.