TL-WR740N ART Dump


I have a TL-WR740N v4.23 router. I got it from my ISP, but it's not being used, so I thought about just putting OpenWRT on it. Turned out they already had their instance, but they had a password on it, so I made a backup of the flash using my flash chip reader. For some reason it apparently corrupted the ART partition on the system to the point where Wi-Fi no longer works.

I'm getting these errors from dmesg:

[   14.480000] ath: phy0: Unable to initialize hardware; initialization status: -5
[   14.490000] ath9k ar933x_wmac: failed to initialize device
[   14.490000] ath9k: probe of ar933x_wmac failed with error -5

which apparently corelates to the corrupted ART partition.
The only way out of this would be borrowing someone elses image of that partition so I could then just modify the MAC address and the checksum. If anybody has an access to this router and would be so kind to share this data with me, I'd be really grateful.
If you need any additional information, I'll try to provide them ASAP.