TL_WR703N v1.7 weird led pattern and no ethernet or wifi

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I have encountered a problem with my wr703n v1.7 during the preparations of flashing it to openwrt.
Before executing any of the Curl commands I resetted the wr703n, but instead of getting a nice solid blue led. The led started flashing in a waiting manier (see Video). Now, the router is not outputting wifi and even the Ethernet port seems dead. I have know idea how this happened or how to fix it, thanks ahead for reading my post.

Note: I have added a SMA connector for an antenna, this is not the problem as it worked perfectly before the reset.

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Please explain the reset.

Did you flash OpenWrt?

Hello IIwachhii, no, openwrt was not flashed yet. It was part of the preparations step for flashing openwrt.

Please provide the instructions that you're following.

I'm not sure why you used the curl command.

And did you see this here:

WARNING If you have a V1.7 firmware, SOME OpenWrt trunks (e.g. r36641) will brick your router, unless you have access to the serial console! NEWER TRUNKS will install without issue via tftp and will work fine.


I don't know if you are familiar with the tl-wr703n, but firmware version 1.7 prevents you from flashing it via the web interface. You need use an exploit in the parental control tab of the web interface to flash it, hence the curl commands.

i followed these instructions

Note: the reset is not outlined in the instructions, but i had already set an username and password. this conflicted with the first Curl as this sets everything to admin42, therefore the reset.0

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  • Had you ran the dd commands yet?
  • Do you have a copy/paste of what you typed in?

I had not yet flashed the router.... But the files where prepared. Yes I had the busybox image, yes i had he openwrt image. Yes i split the openwrt.bin into i1 and i2. yes i made aa. yes i started a TFTP server. But i had not yet interacted with the router.

no Curl commands where send to the routers IP.

New URL:

Not that it has new information, but the old page is for archival purposes only and doesn't get any updates any more.