Tl-wr3600 full flash dump needed


my tl-wrd3600 is bricked, because of a bad winbond w25q64 Flash.
I bought a new winbond flash chip and i want to program it with a raspberry pie, flashrom and a soic8 clip.
But i have not a backup of the full flash dump of this router.
I can only find firmware without the needed art partition.
Can anybody be so kind and send me a full flash dump of an wrd3600 v1.1 router ??
The full flash dump must have size of 8.388.608 mb.

Kindly regards

Is a dump from a WR4300 good enough?

This will enable the unpopulated third chain of the 5 ghz wifi if you use the on from wdr4300.

I will give you one of my wdr3600 v1.6 or you build you a custom one with:

and (there are two arts for wdr3600 v1.1)

This should be a easy task for dd.
You only need 128k (u-boot), firmware, 64k (art)

Can anybody upload a full dump for an wdr3600 v1.1 for a 8mb Flash so that i can straight flash it.


Just writing down u-boot & art is enough. But you need to edit the mac address to correct your device.

Tried to download the file there but i cannot due to failure in email adress verification, donĀ“t know why....
Can you upload the file anywhere ???
Thanks in Advance

Can anybody help me with dd command...
I backuped old art partition with following:
dd if=wdrorg.bin of=art.bin bs=64k skip=127 count=1

Now i want to put in art partition in new bin file:
dd if=art.bin of=wdrnew.bin bs=64k count=1 seek=127 conv=notrunc

Is this right dd command to put in art partition in an 8mb flash ??

Seems good so far...

I would first create a empty bin file with: dd if=/dev/zero of=dump.bin bs=64k count=128

Then put uboot into the bin: dd if=u-boot.bin of=dump.bin conv=notrunc

Then put openwrt image into the bin: dd if=openwrt-tl-wdr3600.bin of=dump.bin bs=64k seek=2 conv=notrunc

The as last put the art partition into the bin: dd if=art.bin of=dump.bin bs=64k seek=127 conv=notrunc

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