TL-WR1043ND v2.1 Serial access: soldering "pins"

Hello ! I have a probably bricked TL-WR1043ND v2.1, that got a custom ware of OpenWRT by a wifi provider. I was trying to do TFTP flash and didn't manage, I posted a question about this topic before, I had given up on this. But now picked it up again, concluded that the router doesn't want to get into TFTP mode by using pressing button, and I am ready to try UART thing for the first time. I opened it up, it looks like this

and I'm supposed to solder "pins" to the holes. Now, I don't know where to get these "pins", but I have a bunch of so-called "jumper cables" for Raspberry pi: a bunch with female-female, another bunch with male-female, and I have several unused male jacks (I just cut them off, as I didn't need them). I tore the plastic part out and then a pin came out, I put it in the hole of the router, and it looks like it's going to work, if I just solder it there: I can solder from the other side, and a pin will then stick out.

But I'm not sure if it's OK to do it. I will appreciate if someone could please tell me if it's OK, or where one gets "pins" usually, or what these "pins" are called. I have never done anything like this. (I have done things like changing microphone jacks or soldering wires, but not with this kind of green board)

It might even work by just placing the pins in the hole so no need to solder.

The pins are called dupont pins


You just need an electric connection, you are overthinking this too much.

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if you're careful with placement of the router next to your computer you don't need to solder anything. If the wires are thick enough just twist the ends and insert them into the holes on the PCB and place some putty or tape (non-conductive) to keep the wires in place. Just be careful not to move anything as you flash the memory.

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I recovered a bricked 1043ND v1 a couple of days ago, using tftp. I had to try several times, using different time holding the reset button. Maybe try again with 2s, 3s ... until it works. I used tftp64 on win11. Beware of the firewall also.

Thank you very much to all for your replies ! I didn't think of the possibility of just doing without soldering! It makes sense, especially considering that it's just a one time thing. I guess I'm first going to try putting the pin from below, and connecting the female end from above, that might stay long enough for flashing :slight_smile: and stable enough for a few volt:)
@badulesia , I saw a few tftp success stories with v1 without opening it up, but for v2.1, I only saw postings using UART. With v2.1, the reset button is not like a button in a hole, where you stick a pin and hold, but it's a real button, and is very finger-unfriendly;; It hurts !! Anyway, I also tried holding various lengths of time, firewall off, putting a dumb switch in between, different IP address, WAN or LAN port, etc, as suggested in various pages, but then I figured that all the success stories are other versions, but not 2 ;; I used wireshark, and I kind of figured that the router simply doesn't want to be in tftp mode this way.
I wanted to try UART thing at some point anyway, so it's OK....

Thanks a lot !!!

Well to be honest, the tftp succed while the device was disassembled, and I was about to unpack the iron :wink:
I gave a last try. Considering the age of the device, it's a hobby/challenge.

Wow, you are lucky !
It's old, but it's the only wifi device with detachable antennas. I want to make a wifi repeater with stronger antennas, with stronger antenna gain and weaker coverage: basically to get a good connection in a tiny room far away from a wired access point.

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Screenshot 2023-04-15 at 22.02.21
Screenshot 2023-04-15 at 22.02.00

Now I'm trying to figure out how to use UART adapter... I'm not familiar with "jumper setting", I looked a bit around, am I right that it's about connecting two pins in order to change the setting of inside, and the yellow piece does this job, since I'm supposed to give 3.3V to WR1043ND, I should pull this piece out and stick it to cover 5V and VCC?

Sorry, I'm very ignorant and pretty nervous.... I appreciate your help!

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