TL_WR1043ND: LEDE ver.2 on device ver.3

In the old days when I went from stock to OpenWRT I think I might by mistake have forced an installation of OpenWRT ver.2 on my device ver 3.
I just noticed it now when I updated to LEDE that there is a deviation between the label on the device and the LEDE version :astonished:

I guess I can force installation of version 3 using the console.
1: Is worth the trouble, are there any difference between the two at all?
2: If so, would it be enough to only flash sysupgrade or should I first flash factory?

according to the openwrt wiki, they are using the same hardware,
Which is why you didn't notice until now. If you flashed a V1 over a V2 (or V2 over V4)... you would have noticed because of breakage.

So you can safely force install of a firmware for version 3.0, although there is probably no real reason to.