Tl wr 941 v5.0 totally brick all led light up no serial console

tl wr 941 v 5 openwrt install I erase the flash accidently with ch341 before copy the firmware. No I don't have any firmware . I try copy the tl wr741n flash and it's no working .cannot open serial console or ssh. All led in router lite up .sorry for my English .please help.

The simplest way of restoration is to find full flash dump for tl-wr941 v5 and burn it with ch341. Then update to actual version from tplink web site. In this case you lose wifi calibration data for your board only.

Thanks. Any idea where I can download flash dump.

i have tl wr 841nd with openwrt flash firmware tl wr 941 openwrt bin with tft method . after flash serial console still work but error . ofcourse hardware is different. i remove flash chip and install in tl wr 941 and nothing work. no serial console . at lease serial console shall work right. please help.


thanks again. i try to open with ch341 and there is no file . the file has no extension .bin or .hex do u have another file.

Try appending an extension. Rename it and add .bin/.hex, whatever your application wants.

If you're on Windows, and it might give you trouble, try renaming it via cmd/powershell.