TL-WPA8630 v1 Error unknown installing

I have tried install Openwrt to my TP-Link TL-WPA8630 v1 but i get an unkown error.
I have used several facory bin but ot doesn´t work and i caný understand why.
I have seen some topics similar but i haven´t found an answer.
Someone can help me?

Then I assume you've seen [Solved] TL-WPA8630P Lede does not install ?

It´s a different device. Mine is TL-WPA8630 not TL-WPA8630P
I found this web but i can´t know if i can trust this image.

If it flashes, you could install proper Openwrt from there.

Btw, netadair is linked to in the thread I posted too.

you can trust the image, I used it aswell years ago.
WPA8630 and WPA8630P are internally the same. One has a power socket the other doesn't.