TL-WN822N USB Wifi Adapter Installation in x64 openwrt

I have openwrt installed on x64. Considering that my device does not have built-in Wi-Fi, I plan to use a tp-link TL-WN822N USB dongle. I did everything that was said in the topic: Configuring TL-WN822N USB Wifi Adapter. Added wireless menu in luci and the wifi dongle is recognized as " Generic MAC80211 802.11b/g/n". When I hit the scan button, it finds all nearby networks just fine. But when I try to create a new network as a client or AP, the message "Wireless is not associated" is displayed.
Has anyone had a similar experience?


rtl8xxxu does not support AP mode, as the previous post clearly indicated as well.

x86 doesn't come with any wifi support packages installed, so in addition to the kernel drivers for the card you will need userspace packages such as:

  • iw
  • iwinfo
  • wpad-openssl (or other ssl, openssl generally has the best results if you have space for it, which is no problem on x86)
  • wireless-regdb
  • kmod-cfg80211

Plugging a USB adapter into a different physical port on the machine will create a new radio. Always plug the adapter into the same port to avoid this. The extra radios cannot be deleted with the GUI but you can edit the config file in the CLI.

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