TL-WN321G with Ralink R73 chip how to make it works?

Hi, I'm new to openwrt, I'd like to have fun with it by installing it on an Orange Pi One. Well I succed to make it works, but I can't figure it out on how to make my wifi stick work.
it's a Tp link tl wn321g an old stick with a ralink r73 chip. the problem is that I want to use Openwrt as a wifi extender.
I'm in italy stucked in my laboratory where I could't exit. a friend of mine that is in a near build, share it's wifi with me, but I want to extend the signal and I don't have any router here.
So I thougt to use openwrt, but it seems that to make wifi stick works, I need to download package, but without internet I can't. I try to share mobile connection to a pc and then to a eth but it doesn't work.
So is there any way to download package needet to make ralink r73 work and then install offline on openwrt? if yes what package do I need?
thanks a lot in advace.

Package kmod-rt73-usb would be the driver. It depends on kmod-rt2x00-usb, kmod-rt2x00-lib, kmod-lib-crc-itu-t, and rt73-usb-firmware.

If you have a laptop with Internet from a mobile phone (wifi or USB), activate internet connection sharing to supply Internet out the Ethernet port to your router for package installation.

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i've tried it for 3 hours, but I can't make it works, If I share wifi connection on eth with DHCP, internet doens't work anymore, if I use a static ip on eth, I can access openwrt but I don't have internet...maybe the windows 10 internet sharing is not so intuitive and of course I'm making some mistakes

Can someone help me to download needed package in install them offline? I can't even try by using mobile data connection with usb thethering because I need packages...I'm stucked.

What CPU target and core type is your router? These can be found in /etc/openwrt_release as DISTRIB_TARGET and DISTRIB_ARCH respectively.

Then the .ipk files you need are either:
kmod packages in$DISTRIB_RELEASE/targets/$DISTRIB_TARGET/kmods
userspace packages in$DISTRIB_RELEASE/$DISTRIB_ARCH

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I finally installed the packages... But
It doesn't work... For what I read it's a know problem with modern kernel... Can it be true?

Hi Iknow that i'm late but i've had the wn321g working with the rt73-usb drivers.
In the luci web gui you go to system>software>update lists
then you serch for: rt73. You will see two files to install. After that you reboot and it works
My setup is over VirtualBox and it generates an AP very stable