TL-WDR4300 - Factory reset with the "reset button" not working

I installed a while ago (like 1 or 2 years) Openwrt in a TP-link TL-WDR4300, was working fine. I was touching some of the config (dont remember which one) and now I can't access my interface, was and now I dont even get the default gateway..

Now the problem is the reset buttom (dissasembled and tested) doesn't work and I'm kinda noob with all this, and without getting a default gateway seems I cannot use telnet or other recoverys listed here.

Anyone knows what can I do? Thanks!!

If the DHCP is inoperative, you can configure a static IP address in your computer, for example

sometimes the router use the and you need to put static ip address in your laptop in the same segment (anyone beetwen and
if you remember what ip segment are configured the port also can try whit that
Also if you knowgement about electronic the 4300 have a serial port, maybe you can try these option

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