TL-WDR4300/3600 LEDE build with CPU overclocking

Key feature: you may set arbitrary CPU frequency in range of 50..750MHz with 1MHz step, for example:

echo 600 > /proc/cpufreq

This can be done in any time after boot, if it hangs - just reboot your device or set lower frequency, no need to reflash any stuff in bootloader etc.

Current entablished CPU frequency can be read from the same /proc/cpufreq entry.

In order to get more stable operation I'd suggest you to flash pepe2k's u-boot to get 400MHz DDR2/200MHz AHB setup

Packages included (in addition to default ones):

  • ShortcutFE with fast-classifier
  • luci
  • luci-mod-admin-full
  • luci-app-adblock
  • luci-app-firewall
  • luci-app-p910nd
  • luci-app-samba
  • luci-app-upnp
  • luci-app-udpxy
  • luci-app-wifischedule
  • luci-app-wireguard
  • luci-app-wol
  • luci-theme-bootstrap
  • luci-theme-material
  • luci-theme-openwrt
  • ca-bundle
  • curl
  • ethtool
  • iperf3
  • memtester
  • openssl
  • wpad (full)
  • luci-proto-pptp
  • iptables-mod-geoip
  • iptables-mod-hashlimit
  • iptables-mod-iprange
  • iptables-mod-u32
  • ppp-mod-pppol2tp
  • kmod-usb-ohci
  • kmod-usb-printer
  • kmod-usb-storage
  • kmod-usb-storage-extras
  • blockd
  • cfdisk
  • dosfstools
  • e2fsprogs
  • ntfs-3g
  • kmod-fs-ext2
  • kmod-fs-ext4
  • kmod-fs-msdos
  • kmod-fs-vfat

It uses custom kernel config so adding precompiled LEDE packages may not work at all

Very cool!

Would you share your build configuration and any code changes?

You also might want to consider moving to v18, especially with v19 imminent, along with the EOL of v17.

Every diff and all configs available in config directory as GPL requires

Current 4.14+ flow-offloading code works slower than SFE for my case, I'm not planning to switch on 18/trunk for now.
Also, 4.4 kernel will be supported until Feb-2022, while 4.14 will EOL at Jan-2020 so not worth an effort

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Thank you, appreciated, especially as people will need to build their own packages and take over updating them and the kernel, as 4.4 will not be updated by OpenWrt, as I understand it.

WDR3600 has the same hardware, I'll compile images

I've already checked it. Gonna test this weekend

Sorry for the necrobump. Do you still have the builds available? The Google drive link seems to be down.

Thanks in advance.