TL-WDR3600 randomly disconnecting wired devices

For a while now I've been struggling to fix the connection between my PC and the router (as above). Basically, for no reason the router kind of disconnects all wired devices, just like no cable was ever plugged but after a short while (5-30sec) it comes back without any 'touching'. Tested on my PC and two laptops, all dc +- at the same time. Haven't noticed any issues with wifi connection though.
No difference between 18.06 and 19.07 version.
Please note that I am not very familiar with networking, don't even know how to look for that in google.
Any ideas?

Did it once work?
Vendor Firmware running fine?

It was all fine for a year or so on openwrt, worth trying the original soft?

Yes running the manufacturer firmware is a good way to confirm it's a hardware problem.

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Reinstalled the original firmware, so far no disconnects (4hrs all fine).
I will be observing, gonna try openwrt again if it’s ok for a longer period.
Anyways, any idea what could have happened? Is it possible that I messed something up while setting up port forwarding? (Don’t recall those disconnects after that)