TL-WA855RE - Bricked?

I built and installed the LEDE image for this device, and was able to SSH to it (with a cable connected directly to the the ethernet port)
I apparently broke something trying to get the network up so that I could install LUCI via opkg.
I can't connect to the device via network anymore.
Is there a PXE flash option or similar for LEDE upgrade (just to reflash the image I had to get me back to a working state), or must I resort to cracking the case open and soldering on a connector to the serial header?
I did try the reset button, and got nothing.
If I connect the device to my ethernet port, and power it on I do see DHCP traffic from the device, so I am hopeful.
Thanks for any input.

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Did you specifically use the reset button accordingly to this documentation (Failsafe mode)? This should work and prevent you from cracking it open.

That is exactly what I was looking for, thanks!

myrlyn, what version of device do you have?