TL-WA850RE v2 only acess SSH mode

Good afternoon, I installed Factory, after that I lost web access, I can only access by SSH. How do I return the original firmware or install sysupgrade? Thank you.

You have installed a snapshot image, which do not come with LuCI preinstalled.
You have to get SSH access and then manually install LuCI.
But since the TL-WA850RE v2 has only 4MB flash, this will not be possible, and you will run into the no space left on device problem.

-> If you want LEDE on this device with GUI (LuCI), you have to build your own image, e.g. with the imagebuilder.

General info on devices with only 4MB flash / 32MB RAM:

I understand, but by the site compatibility list shows that the WA850RE V2 is compatible, but I may have been wrong .. Can you tell me how to do it? or Will a Dump be needed from another one running? Thank you.

First of, it is compatible. Your little device is booting and running LEDE. It just doesn’t have a GUI cause of hardware (memory) limitations. By doing this, there should be a little memory left to install 1of 2 additional packages depending on your needs.

Which brings the question: what did you expect? And what are you intending to use Lede for?

The latest security patches (like WPA2 Krack) should be in the latest build.

Possibly you wanted to add some kind of VPN since it’s a “travel” device and that makes sense.

To have some idea what you still could do with some tweaking, read the community build thread on the wr841 family which is similar hardware with similar limitations but comes on another form factor.

HI, I need beta tester for the TL-WA850RE v2 it has a very minimal luci (gui) and other things also is the lastest trunk you can flash it with sysupgrade or with the vendor gui like a normal upgrade if you want to try it email me at WARNING:
I do not recommend them if you do not know how to recover it from a brick because it is very experimental and I have not tested it in any TL-WA850RE v2.

yes, could you please post your forks adress and settings?
which packages did you remove to fit firmware on that small flash?

is your "latest trunk" working with current LEDE-trunk (due to the recent problems with tplink and their safeloader").

Actually the one that added support for the TL-WA850RE v2 was someone else and their commit is this;a=commit;h=56561b9f5198d39604809e5cc10dead3e12c1fdf I just turned it on compiling using his profile and removing things that not are so necessary like opkg but I can do custom builds for example with radius server with vpn etc. although i have to remove other things for that little flash for the image that i build I have completely removed opkg iptables ipv6 but I have added luci and zram I do not know if it works but the image compiles without errors sysupgrade.bin and factory.bin its size is 3.5mb in a 4096 (4 kb) block size partition the image that i build is just to see if the latest trunk work in that device.