TL-WA701ND V2 sqm error

I am new to openwrt I want to install the sqm package I have a TP-LINK WA701ND V2 model router I get an error when installing sqm help me

What part of "no space left" makes you wonder what the issue might be ?

I don't know, I normally have 80kb of free space, isn't that enough?

Apparently not.

What should I do?

Get a new router.

Read the top page warning at

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Thanks for help.

I need the sqm package, my ping values are above normal (300-700ms) 100 ms will be enough for me I have a TP-LINK WA701ND v2 modem I only want to use the sqm package thanks

you've already been told to get a new router, remember ?

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yes I will buy a new router but not now I want to use sqm until I get it.

if you'd be able to, you wouldn't need a new router, would you ?

Can't we do it with special software or something?

what special software ?

if you can figure out which packages you don't need, you might be able to strip the image enough to fit sqm.

What is your ISP speed? The CPU in the WA-701 and similar routers is not fast. These were intended for people with 15 Mb DSL.

i have 10 mbps download 3 mbps upload speed

İ dont know which packages i don't need but i want only sqm package.

sqm-scripts which works under luci-app-sqm but you should remove everything related to luci to make space. Also get rid of ppp and ipv6 related packages if you don't need them. Another practical deletion is opkg and uclient-fetch, ca-certificates etc. since you won't have space to install anything at runtime anyway.

Use the firmware selector with custom package list. There used to be community builds also.

should I delete the packages through openwrt's software or make a new software from scratch and what is the minimum space for the sqm package

Deleting packages at run time does not free up any flash space. You have to create a new ROM with the packages left out in the first place.

Also if you're running only a wifi AP, install hostapd instead of wpad. This only saves a little flash space but it saves a lot of RAM since the standard configuration will have an instance of wpa-supplicant running under ujail (about 5 MB total RAM) even if no wifi STAs are configured.

can you help me create a new rom