TL-WA701ND v2.2 Client + 2 wlan

Hello! I wanted to ask if they could help me. What I want to do is: use a router with opendwrt as a client of a wifi network with internet access, and from there create 2 independent Wi-Fi with Internet access. Now I can configure the link and the 2 Wi-Fi, but only 1 has internet, the one I think second connects to the network with no exit. I saw in some videos that there are two "radios" with a scan, is that added virtually? Capable if I create another link work. Well I hope you can help me. Thanks the router that I have is tp_link tl-wa701nd V2.2

Please post here the output of the following command, all in one line
cat /etc/config/network; cat /etc/config/firewall; cat/etc/config/dhcp ; ip -4 addr ; ip-4 ro ; ip -4 ru