Tl-WA1201 v3.6

Hello fellow OpenWrt community members,

Can you please help?

I learned that OpenWRT works with the TL-WA1201 V2 however I have the V3.6 the box looks to be the same as the V2 is it possible to use the OpenWrt firmware built for the V2 on the newer V3.6?

I posted this on Netgate Forum about the vendor specific TP-Links software issues.

"I am currently having issues with the system calling home out of the box to a cloud service. I would like to disable this however I can not do that. OpenWrt's software would help me achieve this.

Current issue.

I recently purchased this new AP, however during testing I have found that the brand new out of the box device seems to always have a constant connection to ...

Keep in mind it was running non stop. This is only the AP system however there was enough data passed to something called tplinkcloud that it does cause some areas for concern.

This if it is a update repo should not have a constant connection correct?

I have since disabled all communication with that.

What would require so many different IP addresses and constant links?? The AP seems to be acting on its own without users and making calls to a cloud service without user approval.

Please be warned, my AP is the .2 so I have no browser running on it as it is only in AP bridge mode and yet it still is connecting to something else and passing traffic....

If an AP is in bridge mode why would it still pass traffic to tplinkcloud without user approval. Some might say this is in direct violation of CCPA and GDPR. Any update would only connect once the user starts the update and over gigabit speeds it should never require a constant connection to its cloud platform right? Tell me what you think about this. I found a nifty way to protect your privacy rights and override this also.

It is simple just create a block everything except the firewall connection for the AP it should need anything but the firewall outside of that the other addresses can be utilized still with the DHCP set on the link side (firewall).

Stay vigilant

Could be a regional data sovereignty issue and a product is shipping and still acting out the regulations for where that device is manufactured. I don't know.

CCPA in our region does protect user privacy laws.

With that said the device works great once you block out the constant connections to cloud services that are not used or activated."

Again it would work better with OpenWrt correct?

Thanks again.

Unless explicitly stated in its device page, it can't be assumed. Support for this hardware revision will probably have to be added explicitly, which needs someone with the device (e.g. you) to do the necessary development and submit the resulting patches to OpenWrt.

At this point, nothing is known about the v3, so that's where the development needs to start (but not end), documenting the hardware in detail (and comparing it to v2) - as well as looking for software-side differences (h/w ID, partitioning, safeloader differences, …). If you're very lucky, the differences aren't big and you can take much of the v2 as example, if not (and ath79 is starting to disappear from the market, so the vendor might have changed SOCs) there will be more efforts needed.

Everything beyond that needs to be directed to TP-Link, as those questions are about the OEM firmware and its vendor cloud integration, which is nothing we could help you with.