TL-MR6400v5 LTE modem not supported

I’ve downloaded and installed v22.03.2 for the TL-MR6400v5 4G router. Unfortunately support for the 4G/ LTE modem is not included in the firmware image, and there’s not enough free space to install the ModemManager package (even without the LuCI interface).

How should I approach getting the modem working?

Thank you

Your options are basically:

  • compile a very minimal image yourself and leave everything that's not strictly necessary out
  • mount an NFS-share from another server to your device and manually unpack all the required packages there, then adjust PATH-variables and everything else accordingly
  • Remove the flash and replace it with a bigger one, then modify the DTS-file accordingly and compile a custom image (you'll also need to copy all the existing data from the old flash to the new)
  • Figure out how to add a USB-port to the device, modify the DTS-file, compile a custom image and then solder the USB-port solder

The first option is the most practical one, the rest will basically require quite a bit more work and skill.

You might want to try the image builder, remove unnecessary packages, and add modem manager.

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Are you sure you really need modemmanager? Modern modems may only need uqmi, which is much smaller.

Unfortunately there aren't any notes in the wiki about how to get the modem working.

Yeah, no device specific instructions so have been following generic instructions such as

Assume I’d need to determine the modem deviceId to configure a simpler stack, but haven’t worked out how to do that yet. There’s no space to install just the uqmi package.

The penny has just dropped for me that Image Builder is simpler than trying to get started with the whole set of developer tools.

Are you using v22.03.2?
If you are using v21.03.2 you install luci-proto-uqmi and then download / install my moddified uqmi.

opkg install uqmi_2022-05-16-0.5_mipsel_24kc.ipk
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You are a champion, thank you - got the modem working with your custom qmi package

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