TL-MR6400 v5 configuration of Wifi and 4G


I am new to Openwrt, can any one give the steps to configure Opemwrt on TL-MR6400 v5 for Wifi and 4G LTE networks

Thanks in advance

Not that easy


i compiled stable 21.02.0 for MR6400 v5... you can try this firmware...
i add few line in & qmi.js... Add script for WAN & SIGNAL STRENGTH led
Don't forget to reboot after finish flashing...

let me know if it working...

Thank You

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Hi fachos,

your branch is not working for me. Finally I made it by reading the other threads about LTE setup for this router. I have IPv4 and IPv6 internet connection and it is stable for 2 days now.

This is what I did:

  • Changed IP address to in OEM firmware
    ** I don't think this step is needed but this is my range. For compleness I did what to hide it so if someone finds time to confirm or contradict would be nice.
  • TFPT update to OpenWrt stock rom from device page
  • set localization to my country Germany
    ** I don't know if this is needed but sounds reasonable to me as different countries means different cellular regulations.
  • updated all installed packages
  • installed luci-proto-qmi, uqmi and patch
  • patched as proposed (via ssh and patch)
  • setup the interface (name: lte, protocol: QMI cellular, device: /dev/cdc-wdm0) according to my ISP (telekom)
    ** very important: I am using IPv4/IPv6 PDP type. This was missing in your branch (only IPv4 or IPv6 but not both). Any other configuration did not work! And I have seen in other threads that someone is also fighting with telekom ISP.
  • changed the dhcp setting if interface 'lte' to 0 as proposed (via ssh and uci)

What is not working:

  • LED Configuration is broken in LuCI
  • No LED to show cellular quality
  • No internet connection LED

Would be very nice if someone can make this available. My bash script skills are... lets say improvable.

Many thanks for your time and also to all the others too who brought be to this point.

Hello Fachos, are there any step by step guide to install your firmware? I would like to try, but I do it for a first time, so any help would by highly appreaciated.

hello how can i contact you?