TL-MR6400 v5 back to stock firmware

Could you please share the info to restore original firmware TL-MR6400 V5.
Actually the router is not booting (all led blinking) and I am ready to use the serial interface to restore, but it is missing the amount of data to remove from original bin file firmware.

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try 257 bytes.

I tryed dd if="TL-MR6400v5_1.1.0_0.9.1_up_boot(200511)_2020-05-11_12.28.03.bin" of=tp_recovery.bin skip 257 bs=512 and this tp_recovery does not helps :frowning:

I contacted the help support of TP-Link and they answer it is not possible to revert to original firmware. If you found a way to restore please share it, actually my router is not working because I was unable to use the lte modem with openwrt.

We need full dump from flash chip of the good working router. And we need to find man with soldering station and chip programmator

Warning, I'm explicitly not saying that the below would be correct and not brick your device, I simply don't know it and its particular firmware requirements, but skip 257 would be a syntax error (should be skip=257).

It normally flashes to openwrt ufter bad flashing to cropped stock firmware, I have checked it :slight_smile:

Try bs=512 skip=1 count=16000
This makes offset for LZMA compressed data (found using binwalk) the same for TL-MR6400v5_1.1.0_0.9.1_up_boot(200511)_2020-05-11_12.28.03.bin and openwrt-ramips-mt76x8-tplink_tl-mr6400-v5-squashfs-tftp-recovery.bin.

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You are Great!!!!
I also tried to check with binwalk...but without success, many thanks.

I repeat the complete procedure, it could be usefull for someone else.

  • Download the firmware from TP-Link website, unzip the file and rename the TL-MR6400v5_1.1.0_0.9.1_up_boot(200511)_2020-05-11_12.28.03.bin file into original.bin

  • prepare the file using the command dd if=original.bin of=tp_recover.bin skip=1 bs=512 count=16000

  • setup yout PC ethernet card with IP, sub:

  • connect the router to PC with ethernet cable

  • open TFTP sw, choose the folder where copied tp_recover.bin file and select the ethernet card

  • switch off the router

  • press and keep pressed the WPS/RESET button

  • switch on the router and continue keep pressed the WPS/RESET button until the file transfer start

  • release the button and wait for router restart

  • Restore the PC ethernet card to receive IP address from DHCP (router has address

The router now has been restore to stock firmware.


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