Tl-mr3420 not working

Dear sir/madam
Install In TP-link TL-MR3420 ,work good 1to 2 hours..
But after that I'm unable to connect my router. WiFi signal totally off, and most importantly i can't even logged into router web manage page.(ex:
Kindly anyone help me please.
Thank yoyoui

Are you able to test using a wired connection?

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No I can't. With wire it connect but can't access to config page. =refused to connect,, appears

When you are trying to connect with cable, does your pc/laptop get ip from the router?
Is there any activity on the leds of the router?

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Yes it's give
Ooh i m just enter in this ip Root page come but it's saying that your password or username is incorrect

Do you know how to reset all the settings i made, even web page login password?
I think I messed up with my password or username

User name can't be changed*. It must be root, so give it a try with some passwords you might have typed.
Completely reseting is done troug failsave and is usually described in wiki. After entering in failsave you must set ip on the pc/laptop manualy( for example) and then ssh to After logging without password you should get instructions what you can do next.

*Not completely true, but for user that uses only web interface is true enough.

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Allow router to boot up fully. Press and hold the reset button for more than 5 seconds then release. All the lights should blink out then it will reboot to default settings.

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