TL-MR3420 login

i' ve tp-link tl-mr3420 v2.3 and I use this router as wds. (
it works well but there is something I can't do about:
I can't login to this router on different ap. ) (can't access 2,5/2.26/2.27/2.28)
but i can login to this router if i am on this router. (2.25)
what is the problem? What should I do for access?
Thanks you for your help.

tp-link (client mode)
tp-link (ap mode)
other aps..

tp-link tl-mr3420 v2.3
kernel version: 3,18,23
firmware version: occ 15,05,1/luci 15,05-149-g0d8bbd2 release (15,363,780009-956be55)

@hayko - Based on your description, I can't figure out how your network is configured. Without a really clear picture of how everything is setup, you're not likely to get any answers.

My gut reaction is that the issue will have something to do with NAT, routing, or firewall rules. But I can't say for sure.

Please provide a diagram of your network -- including everything that is relevant to your question. It needs to be very clear how each device is connected (WAN port, LAN port, wifi -- and if wifi, is it as a client (sta mode) or an AP or WDS) along with the IP addresses of each node and relevant details about the OS on each device and any special factors in the configuration. It is super confusing that you have a client mode device on a different subnet than your other devices (is that an upstream network??), and a DHCP server that may or may not be related to the main router -- if you need a separate DHCP server, please describe how is it configured and if all clients on the network get DCHP addresses as expected.

Also, is your network supposed to be a singular/seamless LAN across the infrastructure, or are there certain restrictions that you need to have in place?

Finally, you should seriously consider upgrading your device to LEDE 17.01.6, as you are currently running a very old version of OpenWRT (upgrading will give you security and bug fixes which may also be important).