TL-MR3020v3 wifi client on an UniFi wireless network

Hi guys,
I'm quite new to openwrt world. I'm attemping to connect a TL-MR3020 as a wifi client to an Ubiquity AP. The wifi network is properly working with some clients PCs. When I setup the client connection on the TL-MR3020 using LuCl -> Networks -> Wireless -> Scan and entering the correct passphrase the client cannot connect. Executing dmesg in a client terminal return this:

[ 1679.431213] wlan0: send auth to f0:9f:c2:dd:d9:11 (try 1/3)
[ 1679.439777] wlan0: f0:9f:c2:dd:d9:11 denied authentication (status 37)
[ 1700.960154] wlan0: authenticate with 18:e8:29:c7:85:fd
[ 1700.970477] wlan0: send auth to 18:e8:29:c7:85:fd (try 1/3)
[ 1700.978946] wlan0: 18:e8:29:c7:85:fd denied authentication (status 37)

wpa encryption on the network is set to AES/CCMP Only and changing type on encryption/cypher on the tplink did not help...

Can someone help me?

Any logs from the AP side?

Hm... nothing useful... Only application log with no information about WiFi connections... I'm figuring out how to enable detailed logging cause the UniFi controller was deployed using docker and the log files are only related to mongodb and the web application itself...

By default all client and AP events are logged and you can see them in the unifi controller Events page.

On unsuccessfull connection I had:

Rogue Access Point PAC Srl [98:da:c4:84:b6:04] was detected	10:43 am	04/21/2020

While, in an open network named Test123 I have:

OpenWrt has connected to Uffici with SSID "Test123" on channel 1

That confirm that without WPA it can connect...

see the attached image...

This is not connected to OpenWrt.
You need to sort out first the Rogue AP problem. The access point where you are connecting the first time doesn't seem to be registered properly to the unifi controller.

Hm... ok... I will keep you updated! (I googled a lot and did not find a solution so maybe someone else is interested).
Thanks for your time!

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Sorry but I cannot figure out what is wrong, status code 37 means that client refused the encryption. I tested the same hardware with another UniFi network (different APs, different controller) and I have the same problem also if, this time, UniFi did not report any arror.

In my controller I have:
Security Protocol: WPA Personal
WPA Mode: WPA2 only
CCMP Encryption: Enabled
Refresh Shared Secret: Enabled
Enable Fast Roaming: Disabled
Enable Multicast Enhancement: Enabled
Enable UAPSD: Enabled
Combine Name/SSID: Enabled
Optimize for High Performance Devices: Disabled (this one caused me some issues when enabled)
And the OpenWrt client connects without issues.

I don't have a WPA Mode option, the encription is setted to AES/CCMP Only and I cannot change it... Maybe a different version of the controller? I'm running a dockerized version 5.12.35

I am running 5.12.66 natively. Here is a screenshot from the Classic view, WPA mode is in Beta, here it is Security.