TL-MR3020 v1.9?

I see there's no support any more for the above box under the "new" OpenWRT 18.06.1.
I also see there's support for those "tiny" boxes with 4MB flash.
I wonder how complex would it be to build 18.06.1 images for it.
Any idea?

Thanks @lleachii. What I am missing now is the profile definition.
May I merely copy the one from the imagebuilder for v17?
And, byt the way, do you know why this tiny box isn't supported any more?

OK. I knew already. And this makes sense as far as the official builds are concerned.
The profile was there and now isn't any more so none can even try to build that image.
Do you think I can just copy the one from v17?

You have to select Subtarget: Devices with small flash.

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