TL-MR3020 LAN LED (openwrt 19.07.2)

Hello I am trying to configure the leds of the device TL-MR3020, with the version of openwrt 19.07.2 this is the configuration:

--config led 'led_lan'
option name 'lan'
option sysfs 'tl-mr3020-v3:green:lan'
option trigger 'netdev'
option mode 'link tx rx'
option dev 'eth0'--

using the 'netdev' trigger for network activity, only that when I disconnect the ethernet cable from the device, the lan led does not turn off or otherwise continues to react in the same way, is there any way that when Disconnect the cable. Does the LED turn off or stop having the same functionality?

Hello , thanks for your answer this is only the option name , the physical interface that you said on my configuration is option dev 'eth0'

Right, my bad. I deleted my wrong advice.