TL-841N (v14) as OpenWrt-AP only?

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First off, I know about the warning for 4/32 devices which applies to the TL-841N (v14) too.

I still have one with OEM firmware at home, and as the EU version (unlike the US version) didn't get OEM updates for quite a few years now, which I don't like to needlessly brick but still it's just used as an backup accesspoint.

I've already recognized that nowadays you can even download custom built OpenWrt images of supported devices online but there's also the local imagebuilder available.

The TL-841N device page refers to Snapshot for the v14 version. As far as I could find, Snapshot looks to be prebuilt only without the option for custom builds? At least online I couldn't find it, didn't try the local imagebuilder yet.

Now I wonder if there would be a way, to build a custom image of OpenWrt with accesspoint (WPA2 EAP, so full wpa package needed) and bridged ethernet switch only. LuCI would be a nice have to, but not necessarily needed.

I've also found these topics about already community prebuild custom images, thought I don't know if the first one would fit my needs, the later one looks to have the wrong wpa version included. Also both are quite old now too. At least OpenWrt 19.07 supports WPA3 so it should be more "future proof" than the OEM firmware for some time?

(edit: Community images not working for v14 anyway as the Soc got changed to MediaTek)

Any advice on how to get a working custom built OpenWrt image for an TL-841N (v14) Accesspoint only?

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Apart from everything else about the 4/32 topic, this requirement delivers the death blow to it. EAP requires wpad built against an ssl implementation, which adds 750 KB (wolfssl) to 1 MB (openssl) to your image size, which doesn't fit with the mere basics to begin with.

Hit your local second hand markets, it's surprising what the equivalent of a burger with fries can buy you there - and put these 4/32 devices, which were obsolete a decade ago already, to rest.

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Thank you slh for your fast response.

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