Tips for Updating OpenWrt as well as going back to stock on Linksys MR8300

I picked up an MR8300 on sale after looking though the posts to this forum as well as this thread for the MR8300, I was able to successfully install OpenWRT on an Linksys MR8300. I've messed with a dual partition Linksys router before but it was an EA8500 with dd-wrt.

After browsing related topics as well as the openwrt wiki page for the EA8300, I cannot seem to find update instructions on how to update as well as revert to stock for this router. Just curious of how to do this without serial connection or overwriting the stock partition. Router is working fine now, but I would like to know for any future openwrt updates and such. Thanks in advance.


Do not sysupgrade, it will overwrite remaining stock partition.
Check for my posts I have posted on this before.
It's very late here, I am going to sleep, if you need more help, please let me know and I will help more tomorrow.

Thanks for responding. I looked though a few past postings and it looks like I need to somehow toggle booting to the stock partition and then flash the updated openwrt from there or flash another stock and then flash the updated openwrt but I am not sure. From the openwrt wiki on the EA8300, it looks like there is a trick to powering the unit on and off a certain combination to force it to boot the stock partition. I remember the EA8500 had a similar step. I am wondering if all of this can be done also though "http://routerip/fwupdate.html" as well? I'm wondering if it would be safe to either copy or flash stock to the openwrt partition and then flash the openwrt update. It's a few extra steps but I don't want to risk overwriting stock.


Just install luci-app-advanced-reboot within OpenWrt, you will see Advanced Reboot in the System menu, this will allow you to reboot to stock and reflash new factory OpenWrt.
This is the easiest way to reboot to stock in order to reflash OpenWrt via http://routerip/fwupdate.html


Thank you! =)

Let's make a problem hypothesis. On an MR8300 a user mistakenly performs the SYS Upgrade goes to write on the other flash mannco. The question is: Is it possible to rewrite the original Linksys firmware from OpeWrt?

I confirm that luci-app-advanced-reboot works fine on the MR8300.

fwiw, for situation where both partitions are flashed with Openwrt.

Apart from difference in RAM, would the instructions for EA8300 to install Linksys stock FW from OpenWrt also work for MR8300 ?

I also used it yesterday, to revert to stock firmware before installing 21.02.1.

From WRT the folder "ubi" does not exist on my MR8300. The structure directory seem different.

from /sys/devices/virtual


Theoretically may be possible to upload original firmware in a right folder and boot the "right" bank with "advanced reboot" package? This is a question and is untested so there are no certainties that it will work. Do not do if you are not sure if it is working properly.

The dir structure on my MR8300 isn't the same as yours, and I have a ubi directory.
I don't think that simply upload a file in the right dir will do the trick. Stick to the mtd method described for the EA8300 (link above in thread).


I have all 2 partition flashed with openwrt.
It's possible return to stock?


Try this. It should work the same way for the MR8300.


This permit you to select wich partition you want to boot. Remember that in the original firmware, boot partition selection is not possible.

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Since 22.03.3, OpenWRT can flash Linksys OEM firmware for this device.
Read last line of: