Tipps how to port a simple Linux&Windows CLI App to ALL OpenWrt devices?

You see what I am asking for.

I want to port "UDPBD-Server" to OpenWRT and create a simple package.
I know a few people well versed in LUA as well, so we could have a nice implementation in LuCi as well!

What is it?

Well... A custom protocol for the PS2, which combines UDP with BD and can load Block-devices via UDP, which is actually reusable on many platforms, but currently only used&supported in some Test-builds of "Open PS2 Loader".

It is very lightweight and hence VERY fast, even on the "IOP" MIPS I RISC R3000 CPU @36MHz (although some stuff is directly running on the PHY to offload stuff from the CPU), where other stuff is running on at the same time...!!!

I just want to make sure we have an automatic build-system on GitHub (or similar) for updated versions and that it is built for EVERY architecture OpenWRT supports!

Compiling the app basically just works.

Any Tipps on how to add it to the automatically build packages for all archs?

The only way I know Contributing to OpenWrt


Well, I don't want to create a "patch" for OpenWrt but rather an IPK and have it automatically compiled like the other apps!

It's REALLY easy on any Linux.
You pull the source from GitHub, "make", done...

I want to add this to the official stuff OpenWrt uses to download apps!

Process is the same for all submissions, for packages submit your commit to the packages git


Also see:


Use GitHub CI like OpenWrt does to run build bot for your package for all available architectures.

If you do want to send PR to have the principal package and the luci app to the OpenWrt packages and luci repos respectively, be aware that new luci packages need to be written in javascript for PR to be accepted.


Currently it is only the server, but yes a LuCI plugin is planned, but I thought LUA would be sufficient!

Gotta ask some JS-Dev then, because I am not good at JS.