Tinc BindToInterface parameter problem

tinc version 1.1

tinc BindToInterface runs normally in other linux operating systems. However, the following error occurs when tinc bindtointerface runs in the openwrt operating system:

2023-10-1 14:47:31 tinc[898]: Trying to re-establish outgoing connection in 40 seconds
2023-10-1 14:47:31 tinc[898]: Trying to connect to XXX (2000:344:*** port 655)
2023-10-1 14:47:31 tinc[898]: Could not connect to XXX (2000:344:*** port 655): Permission denied

There is experimental identification of BindToInterface parameter in the official tinc document, but after all, other Linus can operate normally, so is this the problem of tinc software itself or other reasons?

What user does it run under ?

Tried port > 1024 ?

tinc is installed via opkg and starts as a service! In addition, there is only one root user in the system, and the actual port of the service is greater than 1024. If there is no parameter BindToInterface, the service can run normally. As long as the parameter value is br-lan, eth0.1 or lo, an error will occur

BindToInterface Parameter Value br-lan, eth0.1, lo, and pppoe-wan failed to be used. Do you mean using a parameter like lan or wan?

option BindToInterface lan

Parameter Value If the logical interface name is used, For example, lan or LAN, the following error message is displayed:

2023-10-22 15:05:02 tinc[3275]: /dev/net/tun is a Linux tun/tap device (tun mode)
2023-10-22 15:05:02 tinc[3275]: Can't bind to interface lan: No such device
2023-10-22 15:05:02 tinc[3275]: Unable to create any listening socket!

All ipv6 routes are normal