Timezone resets after reboot (/etc/TZ empty)

Hi everyone,

I am currently facing an issue with the timezone being reset after each reboot. This seems to be caused by /etc/TZ being empty. The file itself points towards /etc/TZ which is also empty after reboot.

I have a script that is put into /etc/rc.local and therefor runs after the boot process is completed. This script now contains the following lines:

echo "CET-1CEST,M3.5.0,M10.5.0/3" > /etc/TZ
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I can change the timezone manually this way and it is my understanding that its addition to the script should lead to date showing Wed Nov 2 12:55:19 CET 2022 instead of Wed Nov 2 11:55:03 UTC 2022 for example. This doesn't happen however.

Am I missing something regarding the automation and that there is something running after my script that overwrites the timezone again? Or do I need to expand my script by additional commands to have it work correctly?

Model: Archer C6v3
RLS: 22.03.2
Branch: Master

Thanks in advance for your help!

Got the zoneinfo package?

Look for /etc/TZ in the forum, this isn't a new "problem".

Thank you for the hint in the right direction, the zoneinfo package was selected by a different package in my latest build, which I didn't notice. Testing on a device without the zoneinfo package proved to be successful.

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