Timeline of my Openwrt Bullrun

12 days ago I found out foss open source project openwrt was happy about it flashed it on my router
10 days ago Mbed tls terrible performance no tls. Openwrt switching to mbed tls officially offering no choice of making full default os to another library
7 days ago build my own image. My country has no ipv6, Google is constantly probing for ipv6. there are many benefits and 0 downsides to not having ipv6 yet its so heavily integrated in the kernel and all packages
5 days ago poor wifi performance me wondering what the hell am I doing with my life
3 days ago reading how openwrt dropped the ipv6 off config because they are lazy to maintain it
today. going back to stock firmware and forget openwrt ever existe
edit: the entire point of foss project is you can customize it to your needs, openwrt behaves like google chrome

I’m not understanding the point of this post. Is it just a rant? Or are there questions?

What's stopping you ?

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Presumably misinformation.

"I suck, and don't know what I'm doing, so I'm gonna blame the software...."

About ipv6, the “off function” was actually dropped in the kernel, not at OpenWrt.
To have that on/off function left would only have been a empty false function without meaning.

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May I ask which country that is? I know of individual ISPs that do not provide IPv6 access, but that whole countries stick to IPv4 is something I have not heard and would like to learn more about.

What use-case do you have where the TLS library of your router has a major impact?

Yeah, inconvenient I know and a bit unwieldy, but IPv6 is here to stay, so sooner or later ignoring it will not be an option, but for you that day might not be today...

Mmmh, that is a bit harsh, and I would argue uncalled for, building your own customised OpenWrt built is considerably easier than building your own chrome...
But then, if what OpenWrt offers is not what you need/want/require than not using OpenWrt might be the correct decision for you. Good luck!