Time limit for editing old messages is two months?

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Should we have a community build section of the wiki?
[/quote]That does not sound good to me. A "community build" is compiled and published by somebody, so its description should not be editable by any random wiki user. And the possible users of the build may have questions etc., so there is a need for build-dedicated discussion. Forum has been traditionally the place for that in Openwrt and I see no reason why we should do things differently in LEDE in this front.

Just to provide some background: link to my WNDR3700 thread since 2011 in Openwrt. So far 1533 discussion items since Jan2011: https://forum.openwrt.org/viewtopic.php?id=28392

I think this opens us up to people griefing if they ever get mad. Retroactively editing all their posts.

afaik this forum still shows the original post if you click on the "post edited" icon. EDIT TEST: see edit test of this post.

Should we have a community build section of the wiki?

I'd place a pointer to the forum section yes, but not moving the actual community builds to the wiki, for the reasons said by hnyman.

I do not recall any such issues on the OpenWrt forums though. Like @bobafetthotmail points out, you can see edit history of the post if you click the pencil. So nothing seems lost.

In the openwrt forum one could delete posts, and if the first posting of a thread were deleted the whole thread disappeared, IIRC.

I didn't know this software kept history.

I retract my complaint in it's entirety.

As long as you cannot delete your posts, I wouldn't see any problem with not having a time limit on edits.
I am on another forum and there was an issue with someone deleting the first post in a thread (he had progressed from a really sketchy looking truck build to a nice looking one and wanted to end the replies to his old threads about the previous iterations). When he deleted that post, it then deleted the whole 2000 post thread. That really annoyed everyone else who had posted (and in some cases, shared tech info that would be useful for someone else).

Aaron Z

OK folks - time limit on editing is now set to 0 (forever). If this is unacceptable, we can always try something else.

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Thanks. Editing old message works again. :slight_smile:

Sorry for the late reply, just wanted to voice my acknowledgement here. I see no issue with having unlimited edit time since discourse makes the change history easily accessible.

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Found the old thread :wink:

@tmomas @thess @jow
It seems that something has changed (yesterday?) on the forum settings.

I can't edit any of my old messages that are more than one month old. Looking at my old messages, editing is possible for messages later than Aug 7, so I assume that a "one month" limit was activated somehow.

Pretty hard to edit the community build threads :frowning:
(like Build for WNDR3700v1/v2 / WNDR3800)

There was originally that kind of limit in Discourse, but it was removed right after the forum was started and the issue was noticed in December 2016.

Editing should work again now, please check.

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It works again :wink:

Apparently a recent update added an additional parameter for post editing time limits replacing just the one and reseting the values to the default. A TL0 or TL1 user has 1 day and everyone else at TL2 or higher has 30 day time limits. I think restricting TL0 from post editing is also desirable - thoughts?

This move was made to help deal with spambots (human and otherwise) which are intelligent enough to optimize for Discourse’s built-in spam filters. They first make a comment without any links, and later on they’ll edit and add the link. Discourse doesn’t catch them this way.

Proposed settings for us:

  • TL0 - no edit
  • TL1 - 1 day
  • TL2 and above - no limit.
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Looking good!

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That's a bit harsh. It often happens to me I see faults in my post directly after submitting. How about an hour?

@Mijzelf - I tend to agree. However, TL1 and TL0 are controlled by a single time limit setting. Disallowing TL0 from editing is a Boolean. That's what we have to work with.

I think it is done to avoid necroposting. Why not? It is better to create the new topic. Then update the old one.

Today I found my unofficial device support thread was unable to be edited/updated:

I use the top-post as a reference to update links and other reference info.

If I have to make a new post for each release or minor update I'll start doing that.

Editing old threads can be used by spammers, who post innocent messages, then wait untill the thread is no longer active, and edit their messages to add the links.

That topic is not restricted regarding editing.