Time control firewall rules fw4

Are time controll firewall rules not implemented in the newer fw4 builds?

I run the established connections rules to re order my rules and it throws an exit code saying something about legacy tables present.

[OpenWrt Wiki] Filtering traffic with IP sets by DNS

That script snippet to the end of the page issues low level iptables calls, it will not work with nftables based fw4.

Ok thanks, if the script were altered for nftables support would this fix my time control firewall rules ?

It's that I read on the forum not all features of fw3 are implemented in fw4 and as time control is not working for me I guessed this is my reason.

Please try the following workaround. It should do the job with minimal intervention.

cat << "EOF" >> /etc/nftables.d/20-time-based-rules.nft
chain time_rule_fix {
     type filter hook forward priority -1
     iifname "br-lan" jump forward_lan
fw4 restart