Time based traffic shaping sqm-qos


I'd like to slow the internet down on on piticular interface to limit the kidsf from watching online videos during homework time.

I have sucessfully used sqm-qos and i log in and adjust the speeds and it works but i want to set it up to enable this on a time pattern.

I guess i can use a cronjob but i dont know how to acomplish this.

Create a script with the uci commands to change the throughput on that interface, apply the changes, then run the script in cron.

@trendy I suppose the next logical questions (1) what commands to put into such a script (2) how to run script as cron

uci set sqm.eth1.upload='4000'
uci set sqm.eth1.download='5000'
uci commit sqm
service sqm restart

I had created a script using ubus commands after looking on the wiki and have it all working now from a cron job thanks.

I'm wondering if the feature could be added to do this from Luci much like how it works with the firewall so one would not have to play with scripts and set up cronjobs?
I have created a issue under the luci github repo as below:

Time shaping luci-app-sqm · Issue #5796 · openwrt/luci (github.com)

I cannot tell, it seems to me like a very specific requirement.
Time matching options in firewall are already implemented in iptables/nftables.
In your case someone should write that from scratch.

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