Three comment limit for new users is a terrible rule

I joined the forum to try fix an issue I have with banIP not working. Now believe it or not, that is taking more than three comments to work through.
I think the three comments per thread rule is a really bad idea. I'm not sure what problem it's trying to fix, but its stopping me from fixing my legitimate OpenWRT related issue (and wasting the efforts of those forum users who have been helping me). :frowning_face:

Just as I started this topic my 'trust level' has magically increased and I can comment again :smile:
But it does make for a poor experience to be cut off abruptly while trying to work through an issue.

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We are aware of this issue as a general thing. It is intended to reduce the damage that spammers can do (and yes, this works as intended), but it does cause difficulties for legit users from time to time.

For this, we ask that you reach out to a moderator or leader and we can review your situation adn increase the trust level accordingly.


I actually completed the little interactive introductory course new users get (pat on the back for me :smile: ). You could add a message there highlighting the limit, so that people are forewarned, along with a note to reach out to a moderator if it's hindering a discussion. As it is, it comes out of the blue as a frustrating, unpleasant, surprise.

Another observation, why not raise the limit to maybe 7 or 10 posts. That should cover a reasonable initial discussion on "How do I fix X?" while also hindering spammers?

I'm new here, but it seems like a decent, helpful community. Would other users not flag spam posts anyway? (and thereby make the need for any post limits redundant).