Thread disaperiance (Oops! That page doesn’t exist or is private.)


I'm confused. Yesterday I created a thread about my little research and findings about running openwrt 19.6 on ramips devices with limited ram and how they peform. The title/link was: Why ramips can perform with only 32mb of ram and I mainly ask the question why it is like that compared to other architectures which are barley runnable with only 32mb of ram.

The last thing I saw was @maurer liked my post

and than it was gone without any explanation or reason:

Was there any database failure which maybe caused loss of threads? Actually I hope so... It can't be even that a moderator disliked any opinion in the thread because there were none included.

From great power comes great responsibility.

The topic in question had been moved to the "Lounge" section of the forum, which is only accessible for users with trustlevel 3 (which you don't have), hence making it invisible for your.

I have now moved it back to where it came from.

Should this happen again, please let me know.



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