Thoughts on a community "Marketplace" section?

For example I have quiet a few "LEDE" (and other opensource) compatible routers in the basement here at home that I would love to offload. But more importantly would like them to get into the hands of users who understand what they are and can use them. For example, many of mine are revision specific, making them more desirable.

Any thoughts on something like this? I would go in first :slight_smile:

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I think it's a great idea that supports exchange of LEDE-compatible hardware between enthusiasts! Maybe it will stifle the wave of users asking which router to buy.

Not sure if that would also be appropriate place for devs to solicit specific hardware for development, but until there's a legal entity which can accept donations -- why not?

Rather than create a new category right away, let's try this as an experiment:

Simply post to the "Installing and Using LEDE" category with a subject line of "For Sale: XXX router" and a short note to describe it.

If it doesn't generate much traffic/many postings, we don't have to do any work. If the listings become a distraction, then we can consider a new category.


Thanks Rich, I will give it a whirl. Will snap some pics this weekend first to show all "the goods".

Alright, let's give it a try:

Good note. We'll see what happens/what the response is.

I would like to see a marketplace section in this new forum here.

@wgqoufsn - A year and a half ago, we started an experiment. So far, we haven't seen a big need for a new category....

If you have gear to sell, post a note as suggested below. Thanks!